Thomas Michael Goodson’s… IT’S TIME FOR THE ADVENTURE!!

4 thoughts on “Thomas Michael Goodson’s… IT’S TIME FOR THE ADVENTURE!!”

  1. WOW! You know everyday I come accross something that really makes a difference using great new ideas and technology, and that also supports the idea of how inspiring the internet can be. Not only does it (internet) inspire education, and new business, but the idea of working together to achieve something great. This is worth checking out;

    Spending merely minutes a day you can help to pinpoint possible situations that are being overlooked, or situations that are out of contact such as someone lost out at sea, or a plane crash in the mountains. It has immediate markers for plane crashes, oil slicks, and people in rafts out at sea, with another marker for other possibilities. The interface is intuitive, very modernesque, and fun. Check out the site for more information !

  2. Today i noticed something. I noticed that there has been a change. I noticed that we are making a difference. That our efforts in taking the right path, although not the easiest path at times, have sparked something great. The idea that standing together, which has been a huge part of the American dream, is alive and breathing and, if we continue to put our best foot forward, see the strengths, and continue to work hard together, our positive ripples will continue to grow. In the past day(s) we met a situation we haven’t had to deal with in some time. The difference is that we are still standing on this new foundation we have created. Continuing forward and reaching momentum now happens in less time when we are faced with difficult challenges that may otherwise have slowed us down. That to me is a huge part of a whole, that is progress. Lets keep up the good work. Thank you, and let’s keep rocking it.

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